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Thousands of Vietnamese Christians were martyred, as well as four bish­ops and twenty-eight Dominicans.

It is estimated that between 18, 115 native priests, 100 Vietnamese nuns, and more than 5,000 of the faithful were martyred.

An imperial edict in Vietnam forbade Christianity, and it was not until 1615 that the Jesuits were able to establish a permanent mission there, in the central region of the country.Those who died in a second group, between 18, were beatified in 1909.There were twenty-eight courageous men and women who died for the faith during a long period of persecution.Several groups of martyrs also called the Martyrs of Annam who were slain for the faith in Vietnam from 1798 until 1861.Between 17, sixty-four were martyred, receiving beatification in 1900.

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