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Just to let everyone know I noticed that a sale of British dramas at the moment and it includes some good prices on the recent Taggart releases. I'm a relatively new Taggart fan and it was great to find your site - thanks! Also to let you know that itv3 are running some repeats of older episodes at 10.10pm on Wednesdays - tomorrow it's Rogues Gallery. Ailsa x First of all can I say both congratulations and thank-you for providing us with such a fantastic website!!

I'm really excited about the new epsiodes, the one nest wednesday sounds really good. I wanted to know if there will be a Taggart convention this year and if so how would I go about attending?

Both my parents are from the eastend in Glasgow, but my father joined the army when I was 6 months old (in 1960, a gers not celts) I have lived in Rutherglen for a little over 2yrs up til march 2005, after my ex husband died (but when back to Engalnd to sort my son out who was nearly 18 as he was self harming) during that time my partner died (the guy I lived with in was in Glasgow) even though I cant go back there as it wasnt my flat but his.

The eerie thing about the image I saw was that the beach was punctuated by wooden poles or groyns sticking up from the ground.

I wonder if you could please tell me the name of the episode in which the showed footage of an old firm game round about 1991- the suspect was at he game & Taggart & colleagues were listening on a transistor radio in the police staion.

To remind you of what here looked like in his uniform on & off the screen here is a photo of him at work. watching Taggart this evening, at the beginning of the episode, DS Reid is in her car alone, driving.

In the background there is a piece of music playing which sounds like a trumpet instrumental.

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  1. Regina explained that the rumors were false yet she did live with Sanaa. Hall says that they are like sisters so while Lathan was away at work, Regina stayed at her house.