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Customers can return items for any reason, then pick up the items and resume payments again if they wish.Delivery, pick-up, repair, and service are all included in the rental price.I would like you to please email me what my total is for payoff or balance as of today.My electric company, Sprint, and landlord has been understanding but not RAC.I returned the unit as it was just a temporary fix. Reply I’ve been a customer of RAC since before they changed their name to RAC.I’ve been paying things off and getting other items. Once this W/D I’ve been paying on since July 2015 is paid off along with the TV and Sofa, I’m done.I’m beyond frustrated with RAC and when you ask them for a corporate number then try and give you a managers number . Reply I rented a Portable Air Conditioner and the girl at the store wasn’t even sure how to put the vent hose on which was new in the box.I spend thousands of mine and my husbands hard working money to try and have nice things and this is what they give us !! Seriously something needs to be done and my walls need to be fixed and my merchandise needs to be replaced ! I am assuming previous renter either didn’t return it or was defective.

Devlin came up with the rent to own idea after working for an appliance rental company in Wichita, KS.His store manager called me Monday morning for payment and I told her about what happen and she said as long as he did not use profanity or call me out of my name he did nothing wrong. He told me they’d set up an appointment for Terminix to spray. Last night, I saw a baby bed bug crawl across my pillow. No matter where I sleep, I can’t sleep comfortably because I’m afraid I’ll be bitten. Stuff sat outside for 3 days till they came and got it so done Reply PURE HELL is what I’m living with because of the employees at the Tustin, CA store!!!!She stated that is company policy to talk to customers like that and she do not have to listen to the tape and I was wrong for refusing to pay him my money and by refusing I made him go off on me. Reply I’ve been trying to replace my tablet for awhile through rent a center every time I call they say cont do nothing im tired of being lied to and the corporate office doesn’t even answer the phone can I have some assistance please very angry Reply On Saturday March 42017 about 4pm my sister was at my house and I was in the hospital sick my sister saw through my window at my door the guy from rentacenter was approaching so when he knocked on the door she saw how he peeked in my window like a peeking tom. Poteat my sister stated no my sister stated how much is her bill Bobby states 148.32 my sister states I don’t have that much today. They said there was nothing they could do for me but come get the bed. EVER TIME I try to settle the account I’m giving a price. I’m given a date to pay it when that day comes hundreds of dollars are added.the other ,if you put it on heavy loads, “more dry”, u go in twenty minutes later and the knob is still where u put it. I told him the trouble with this one and I told him that I didn,t want any more of the junk he,s selling for new. I reported this to the store and they didn’t seem to be aware of any drain hose needed.the plastic covering the front is all wrinkled telling me that it was put on so to look like a new machine. I said where would the water go, except on my carpet.

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