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I just wanted to share a cool new webcam site called Chaturbate.Its totally free and once you broadcast your webcam and embed code will appear (like youtube) and you can share your live stream on any website! My husband and I are looking to chat with other nudists.I have interacted with people here whom I truly believe are female nudists, and some of them have left EP because of the...I am new to the pleasure of freedom, I like the feel of the sun on my bare skin and the feel of being natural.

I am not sure we want to meet others yet but maybe some day that will come to pass.

saw i was with 3 of my best friend in a nudist camp we enterd the camp and we removed all our clothing i have never seen my friend naked but they were all so hot i had very big boobs they have very big boobs i have a shaved vagina they had a hairy vagina. I have been a naturist all my life, i have had periods of wearing clothes but only when neccesary, i always ran round the house naked when young and would go most of the summer holidays nude, my friends found it funny at first then treated me normal and some that come to do...

I'm trying to find the print of me nude in the Englischer Garten in Munich in 1988 so I can scan it and post it. and I am very interested in chatting with other nudists.

I have ventured to take hikes nude, and would like more ideas as to what other nudists do or participate in.. This happen with me 4 say ago I was going to meet girl frnd and then suddenly I watch 4 men's are walking nude on a road I just asked my frnds just to knw wat they think about nudist they only said one thing shut up its a religion I didn't say anything but I knw something about... They are dirty and uncomfortable, expensive, labor intensive, and a waste of ecological resources. If you are a straight naked person who wants to chat about how ridiculous clothes are, or to join some summer naked... I had a boyfriend who made a big deal about being nude and he always found it surprising that I am not at all ashamed to be naked with him. Been around in my backyard, hanging and enjoying the nice weather.

I go into the desert outside the las vegas area, and work on my hobby as a rock hound.. Specifically, a closet nudist due to the fact that my parents will let my sister be naked all she wants, but not me for some reason. Went to my mailbox to pickup my mail (late at night... I have also walked around my local streets late at night!

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