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A concerned passerby tells her she looks like a stray kitten.

There are long, late-night journeys and dodgy drinking partners, and all those extreme lengths you might go to to keep the party going with any one at all.

Dolly Alderton: “It doesn’t matter if you have a gym membership or you go on yoga retreats, your whole external world doesn’t matter if you’re in a prison of your own internal world.” Photograph: Jo Bongard It’s Friday lunchtime and writer Dolly Alderton is answering questions in between mouthfuls of pasta.

“You know when you have one of those weeks and when you get to Friday and you’re like, its just gonna have to be a big old carb day.” At 29, Alderton was a dating columnist with the , a memoir about her roaring 20s, which comedy show writer Sharon Horgan recently advised people to buy for “your teenage daughter and then put in a drawer for a few years and then hand it over like you might a set of life encyclopaedias”.

Thankfully, this is not one of the new raft of books about “adulting”.

What they’re expecting you to be is funny and to paint the story with observations.” She’s not dating, for now.A lifetime of anxiety had piled up on her at that point.“I was putting it to the back of my mind and then it would find me on very lonely or low nights.” She resisted therapy initially, thinking it was only for the self-indulgent or “a privileged white woman who spends too much time thinking about herself.“I think something that I learned from years of doing the dating column opposite a man who was 60, Cosmo Landesman, on the other side of the page – the disparity between the responses we got was enormous.It made me realise just how present misogyny is when it comes to women sharing their stories.” Despite Landesman’s stories being “arguably far riskier”, he received no abusive emails. There was a bit of drinking and misjudged snogging but for some reason it really angered people, men in particular.

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