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Moreover, the applicant ought to affix copy of main deed, via deed, copy of Khatiyan, receipt of payment of land development tax, proof of means to acquire the ownership i.e partition deed, copy of the decree or judgment obtained from competent court (if any), passport size photograph of the applicant etc. It is noteworthy to state that no middleman or extra money is necessary to do mutation of land.

Applicant himself/herself can do it by paying only prescribed fees to the Govt. However, now 60 days is fixed to finish the whole process of mutation in metropolitan area and 45 days for any other region.

Because he/she is the documentary owner of that land until the necessary changes took place in the Khatiyan.

In addition, mutation is essential to transfer, register or payment of tax.

Finally the complainant has another forum to appeal to Land Appeal Board within 90 days against an impugned order given by its immediate inferior authority.

Nevertheless, apart from appeal there is alternative option of revision against the alleged decision and any authorise superior officer can alter such order promulgated by the subordinate official after call for the pertinent records.

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Relief against refusal If the AC (Land) refuses to mutate the name of the applicant for default of document or for any other reason whatsoever, the aggrieved applicant can apply to the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) within 30 days from the date of such refusal.

However, anyone can apply further to the Additional Divisional Commissioner (Revenue) within next 30 days against the impugned decision of the Additional Deputy Commissioner.

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(Record of Rights) instead of the former owner after transferring the ownership of a land.

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Further Tk .50 will be needed to make every subsequent division.

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