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I know my Lord that you have always helped me in my life and it is a disgrace on my part to ask something from you because you have given me everything. If you feel it is right, please let it happen with him. Again, i do give thanks for all that i have--my life has been a lucky one and i am humbled and never take it for granted. Please give my family and me the strength to get through this difficult time. I am a victim of extortion, lies, and dishonest attorneys... Lift me up and help me to face the vices and obstacles which bar my path to true happiness.

Lord i thank you for all you've done in my life thus far, you have been the sweetest gift one could ever ask for. Lord father, I want more than anything to have a family with a loving wife, and I feel Kaylee and I could have that. God Bless Dear father in the name of your holy son Jesus Christ I offer this sister up to you. Lord please protect her and her family and open the door for her... Amen Dear God, I come to You today to ask for Your help, You already know what I need before I even ask.

Lord, right now, I really need a job that will last me forever. Please provide me the job that will last me forver in mylife. Especially, encouragement is what I need the most in my life. Pelase lord give me the strength and encouragement and knowledgement. thank you Father Dear God, I really need you badly GOD! God, I just don't know what to do anymore but to talk to you everyday and every minute and every second. I need knowledge, jobs, strength, and knowledge for my kids. God please bless the world, stop hatred, stop the wars, stop the crime! Please bless my family and give them nothing more but long, healthy happy long lives! Help my family accept your light love and help Help me undestand your plan and goals for my lifeand my familyplease watch over US and bless us while we wonder lost on this earth YOU are the Light and the only way.

I don't wanna face this alone and i need you here with me. I hate myself when I fail because I feel you watching. I am thankful that we still have a roof over our head for the moment and family that have fed us. I am working and it's not enough to make ends meet. please help live for my interest god.. I am worried about my grandmother, my mom, my younger brother, and the rest of my family who miss his presence here. All that aside, I could be happy if only Kaylee would stay with me.

s side and instead of him helping me he rather tell me how much money something cost that he own or how much money he has in the bank. Thank you very much, your special and favorite son Eugenio. and live a full life by working for you and for your glory. One that will bring your love back to me for all of eternity. PLEASE Amen Walter Dear Heart, Aloneness is a challenge to the heart which feels forlorn, especially if it continues for a long time.

S My Dear God,for the last five years I've felt so lost and down. What curse do I have and what is the reason for this? I am asking again for your help and blessing over my life. I wonder if I am not good enough or is it my misunderstanding that I feel I belong to you? I thought when I accepted Jesus as my saviour, You become my Father, and I finally get closer to you. At the same time, it causes one to value closeness, warmth, and love even more and to be more ready when they appear.

Amen dear god i need your help i need you a lot write now i need answers i love you lord so much andi just ask for your blessing and i need you more than anything i need you to help show me the wayand to help gide me father sometimes i feel so worried father help me not to be worried fatheri worrie about everything and i dont want to worrie no more father help me speak to me fatherhear me hear my voice bring your light more into my life heal me father i no your up there watch over me lord i love you i really do i love your son jesus so much i love my lord i thank you foreverything father i am happy being me but fatheri want you to help keep me out of temptation and worrie's i put all my trust in you fatheri am your little girl i am your chiled and you are my father i love you with all my heart i love you more than words could say or discribe i love you father i do i love you and i ask you fatherto make me heathey and strong and have the confadance that i need in my life and the strangth father i dont want to be week with such little faith i have lord but my love for you is so strong that i love you everyday i think about you father and i'm happy to have a father like youi'm happy you created me father father lord i love you and please help with everything in my life and make my faith stronger cause i dont want to have little faith i want to have strong faith i pray to you lord i no you hear me listen to my iner voice lord i'm calling you lord i love youand i pray that you will meet all my needsi love you father i love love you so so much well iknow there is a god ,do you think it is his will for me to be so money stickond that i cant pay my bills.

I know thats starcastic, Ijust whan to be able to go see my grandkids i havent seen them in two and a hafe years i just realy miss those little 6 / 8,they dont understand i am not able to .

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Help this dear soul dearest God, and help all who struggle with despair, so we can feel your holy love through all the darkness and pain that exists now on the Earth. Speak to this beautiful soul to let her or him know that you are present, and they are loved, and that there is a way through this with Your divine help. World Blessings has a new e-mail support called Meditations on Hope and Transformation. I know its people out there similar or worse than mine but I? Thanks you for all your blessings that you have given me, especially my sons love.

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