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In the occupied West Bank, three Israeli settlers were killed in their home as longstanding resentment over issues of Palestinian sovereignty and the Israeli occupation bubbled to the surface.In an effort to deescalate the growing crisis - some of the worst bloodshed in Jerusalem in recent years - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet voted to dismantle the security.Almost immediately after arriving at Tel Aviv's airport to kick off their two-day trip to Israel, cameras caught Melania Trump swatting away the president's hand after he repeatedly reached out to hold hers.The moment can be seen about four seconds into the above video."Today, our people celebrate the removal of the gates (security measures), tomorrow they will celebrate the removal of the occupation itself," he said in a tweet.Donald Trump has said his son-in-law could bring peace to the Middle East and end the conlict between Israel and Palestine.In addition to citizens who were polled about the program, the roughly 150 officers who participated in the trial, which began last August and ended in January, also expressed greater satisfaction with their work, the Haaretz daily reported Sunday.Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up Police said that the pilot was a “game changer,” as it helped to repair the public’s faith in officers, which has waned in recent years.

Worshippers are expected to return to the site for the Asr afternoon prayers - although the city remains on edge, and it is not clear the Waqf's approval will be enough to diffuse the tensions.Israeli security forces are still braced for the possibility of violence, however, after previous Palestinian calls for a 'day of rage' on Friday.Access to the compound has always been a hugely politically sensitive issue.The PA has not yet commented on Thursday morning's developments.In Gaza, controlled by militant organisation Hamas, senior leader Izzat Risheq said the Palestinians had achieved a "historic victory".

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The President-elect indicated Jared Kushner, who is also a wealthy real estate businessman, was considering taking on such a role.

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