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I haven't found the right setting for Chinese input, IBus pinyin.If I want to write "ni hao" the correct alternative shows up after writing "nih" (as second alternative).Guru Focus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year). It is engaged in developing Sogou Input Method, which is a Chinese language input software by both mobile and PC MAUs. Sogou Inc is an internet company in China which owns search engine called Sogou Search. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way.But if I continue writing "niha" or "nihao" it will show something like "你哈".It seems it does not accept more than two characters per syllable?

Software installs itself in background and adds itself as a browser helper object (BHO) to the Internet Explorer.

I am used to writing the complete pinyin and not checking after every stroke if the correct alternative is in the list. I tried the incomplete pinyin switch, but that was not it.

(The input method can not be documented, it will not show up on screenshots.) Thanks Edit 31/8 The problem was a little different than I first thought, so I changed the question title.

The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank.

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